Taktik offers a labour leasing service that allows you to fill a temporary spot in your company, no matter the job type.

To increase your ressources for a specific period of time;

To replace a sick employee or a maternity leave;

To complete a contrat without having to hire additional permanent labour;

To fullfill your seasonal labour needs.

Fast and professional recruiting processus entirely at our expense;

No human resource management. Our team takes care of employee benefits, health and safety at the workplace and disciplinary measures.

It is possible to convert labour leasing into permanent placement at no charge!


Taktik offers a permanent placement service in order for you to quickly find and hire the employee you are looking for.

Reduce the time you spend on the recruiting process, knowing you will receive a list of candidates that answer your requirements.

Because the success of your business depends highly on your team, it is normal to be selective when hiring. By trusting us with your recrutement needs, you will not only save time and energy, but you will find that perfect long-term fit for your company.

Our recruting approach for the permanent placement of labour includes these following steps that can be chosen in full or partially :

  • Elaborate requirements to fill according to the reality of your company
  • Elaborate profile of the desired employee
  • Writing of the job offer
  • Publish the job offer on our website and specialized job search sites in your field and any other appropriate network
  • Search through Taktik’s bank of candidates
  • Search for candidates through other informal networks
  • Analysis of applications
  • Selection of potential candidates
  • First interviews
  • Aptitude, knowledge and psychometrics testing, and data analysis
  • Simulation exercices adapted to your field of work
  • Reference checks
  • Presentation of the profiles and help with choosing the final candidate
  • Follow-up with all applications not selected
  • Writing of the hiring letter


  • Psychometric testing
  • Aptitude testing
  • Reference check
  • Criminal check